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We've researched and tested the best natural, organic & eco-friendly products so that we can share our findings and sources with you. 

We've just started with our Zen Mommy project and would love for you to share what products you use and love.
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As a large online natural and green resource for Zen Mommy’s—you’ll find practical resources to make natural living and real food cooking simple, enjoyable and fun!  A Zen Mommy is a modern mommy (or any caregiver) who wants to mindfully address the drastically rising rates of stress and environmental toxicity and who wants a healthier & greener future for our children and future generations.

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Important and practical information on creating a clean beauty routine for mommy’s and safe, natural skincare for the whole family. Our top recommendations for the best natural, organic & eco-friendly products available that are good for you, your family & the planet.


Step-by-step guidance to things like creating a green baby nursery to eco-friendly playrooms, to learning how to make natural health & beauty remedies, to green décor & crafting ideas.  Our inspiring DIY resources will make your life as a busy modern mommy easier.

Beautiful, eco-hip home makeover ideas and eco-friendly decorating designs to help you transform your living space into a “green” dream home. Tips & tricks on how-to replace harmful household products, furniture and chemicals with safe, natural (inexpensive) alternatives.

Information on natural healing with tips, tutorials, remedies & suggestions about how to make healthy lifestyle changes. Simple solutions that empower you to take a natural approach to family wellness. Our top picks for the best natural, organic & eco-friendly products on the market.

Important and supportive information about having a  mindful, natural pregnancy. From products to practices we share our top picks for the safest, most natural & organic pregnancy and baby care products, gear & methods. Learn about having a natural, empowered birth.

Real food information and delicious recipes along with all the tips & tricks you need to feed your family the most nourishing natural & organic food available. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or eat grass-fed, humanly raised meat. We make eating clean a lot easier!


Support and information about the safest, most natural baby care products & practices for your little one’s optimal wellness and secure attachment.  Reviews and our top recommendations for the highest quality natural, organic & eco-friendly baby products available.

Mindful Parenting made easy with all the information and timesaving tips, tricks, & tutorials you need to live a Zen Mommy lifestyle. Support with how to easily transform stressful times into teachable moments and how to confidently parent the way you have always wanted to.

 Information on natural remedies, supplements & holistic practices for mental wellness. Inspiring mindfulness exercises, self-care ideas & healthy lifestyle changes for mind-body-spirit integration. Our top suggestions for natural & organic products to help you find your balance.

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Zen Mommy  –A mommy (or any caregiver) mindfully working to improve the overall health of her family by making small, but important, changes toward real food eating, natural living and using safe, eco-friendly products.
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