Set of 7 Chakra Balancing Essential Oil Blends

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VIDA Essentials Healing 7 Set Chakra Essential Oil Blends. Relaxing Aromatherapy Perfect for Chakra Diffuser Bracelet, Chakra Necklace, Aroma Diffuser

This set is the bottled elixir to holistically revitalize your mind, body, and spirit—naturally!

  • Balance & align your chakras naturally
  • Each bottle is 15 ml of highly concentrated essential oils
  • 100% Natural & Pure
  • 7 Different Essential Oil blends—One custom blend for each chakra!

Use these amazing chakra balancing essential oil blends to help you find your balance in motherhood & life!

This set is like a mini apothecary of overall wellness.  It is one of my favorite self-care go-to’s!

-Molly Rose

Seven Different Essential Oil Blends to help you find your balance

Each chakra oil contains the pure extract from the plants, seeds and flowers for maximum benefits.   And you can mix them with a carrier oil and dab on each chakra, add to bath salts and diffuse in aromatherapy diffuser, chakra diffuser necklace or bracelet!


You can use these chakra oil blends during meditation, yoga or everyday aromatherapy.  This will help regulate the energy to your chakras for a more balanced life.


These chakra oil blends facilitate a variety of health benefits.   Which frequently include things like: reduced anxiety, uplifted mood, balanced hormones, increased mental clarity, enhanced meditation and concentration and more!

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts.

They’re gentle on the body because they’re all-natural and pure.  And there is a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.  Because the goal is to improve your quality of life, and VIDA’s promise ensures this is going to be your favorite no-risk purchase.