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We are mothers who put years into getting degrees & raising little ones​

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We Researched Holistic Practices

We looked at and purchased all the natural, organic & eco-friendly products available with lots of trial-and-error (lots of errors), so that we can recommend the best choices for you.  What came forward was the awareness that there is a culturally inherited plague on motherhood of feeling like all we do is somehow “not good enough,” which can manifest as mom-guilt on the inside and mom-shaming in our current society.

We Explored Mindfulness & Natural Living and…Then

In response, we developed a mindfulness method to heal this experience and a gathering space to call to action the perfectly imperfect “hippie chic” in each of us that is ready to blossom.  In essence, we realized that the modern mother needs a brand rooted in consciousness and natural, eco-friendly living—to be a trusted, time saving resource—for overall family wellness. So we created Zen Mommy Organics.

Zen Mommy standing peacefully on a rock.
The Zen Mommy M.A.P to Finding Your Buried Treasure.

We Invented Zen Mommy Organics!

WE DID IT FOR YOU! Whether you think of yourself as “Earthy,” “natural,” “conscious,” “mindful,” “crunchy” or all of the above, you will find a sense of belonging with Zen Mommy Organics. We are a wellness community—not just a company; and our mission is to empower you in today’s busy world with the knowledge, skills, inspiration, and compassionate support you need to be a Zen Mommy inside & out.  We are all in this together.

ZMO Reviews

The "M.A.P" method of Mindful Attachment Parenting that Zen Mommy Organics teaches is simply genius. It pairs much of what I had been researching for years in academia about how babies and children develop, what they need from us at each stage and how that relates to their social and intellectual growth -- with the everyday practical applications that help us deliver what they need to feel emotionally secure, making life richer for everyone."
Dr. S. Peterson
“Working with Molly Rose has been lifechanging! Her ability to understand family dynamics and her amazing compassion have helped me to have the kind of relationship with my husband and children that I have always wanted. And the user-friendly way she teaches mindfulness has made all the difference in my day & in my family.”
Kiera S.
"My recent sessions with Brooke have opened my eyes to so many things I didn't realize about health and wellness in our current world. In four short private sessions with her, I was able to completely revamp the way I cook for my family, learning valuable tips and tricks to help them thrive daily. I can't say enough good things about what Zen Mommy is doing for moms."
ZMO Child
Nicole T.

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Zen Mommy Organics
Brooke Adams ZMO Co-Founder

Molly Rose Holmes, LMFT

I split my time between the East & West Coasts, but my heart is home in this work that empowers all parents and families to thrive. To me, healing multigenerational family patterns is a sacred business. Making Mindful Parenting user-friendly and customizing simple solutions for your family's head-to-toe optimal health and wellness- Is what I love to do! It is possible to “have the buck stop here” and to change what you learned in your family of origin and what is not working for you.

Brooke Adams

Brooke Adams

Brooke Adams is one half of Zen Mommy Organics. She is the mommy of three little ones (5 years and younger), residing in Los Angeles, CA. She has come to appreciate the beauty, grace and divine flow of the magnificent City of Angels. However, her deep love is for Mexican food and gorgeous desert sunsets, a quality of life fostered in her hometown of El Paso, Texas. ​

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"I stand firm in the understanding that nothing is inherently incurable and that we are indeed the writers of our own lives."
Brooke Adams
Brooke Adams
Co-Founder Zen Mommy Organics
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